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While I'm always looking forward to the next shoot, I've recently taken a look back at some of the highlight experiences that have shaped my career.

1987- After graduating from Rowan University with a degree in Communications, Amato relocated to San Diego, California. He was soon offered an assignment outside the U.S. shooting for SeaVid. He traveled to Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon Jungle.

"This was exciting for a 22-year old who had never ventured outside the country before. Little did I realize it was the beginning of a professional relationship that would send me to more than 60 countries on 6 continents. Fifteen years later, I am still traveling the world for SeaVid."

1992- Amato was hired by Bob Sloan Productions to cover the America's Cup races in San Diego for RAI- 2, Italian TV.

"The America's Cup assignment lasted for six months. Bob Sloan Productions remains one of my main clients , with an 11 year working relationship."

1995- The America's Cup races returned to San Diego, and this time Amato was tapped by HVS Productions to provide camera work for TV New Zealand. This assignment spanned nearly a year of coverage.

"Ultimately, the New Zealanders won the cup and it was an incredible day filming the victory with a group of people who had become such good friends."

1997- The year got off to a great start as Amato took home his first Emmy award, for a project produced by HVS for PBS. He was also hired by HVS Productions to travel to Cuba to film a documentary about the endangered iguana population for the San Diego Zoo. Other travel shoots that year included the Galapagos Islands and Vietnam.

"The trip to Cuba was just the beginning of my experience shooting for the Zoo. The most memorable events were those surrounding the birth of Panda baby Hua Mei."

1998- Another Emmy found its way onto the mantel, again for a project produced by HVS. The Super Bowl came to San Diego and Amato was in the thick of things.

"It's been great working over the years for a first-class company like HVS. Receiving my second Emmy for work on another of their productions was quite a thrill."

2000- Along with more travel, more broadcast assignments and a growing list of corporate projects, Amato spent two months shooting 16mm footage for a historic documentary about Route 66.

"Mixing film with video for this project was a total blast! It really helped create a nostalgic feel while adding enormous production value."

2003- This year Amato has covered the Super Bowl, shooting for such diverse programs as NFL Films, ESPN, Best Buys and EXTRA. The newest Princess Cruises ship, Island Princess was on his agenda, as were special features for Major League Baseball and the San Diego Zoo produced in High Definition. His travels to far-flung destinations continue.

"Being a cameraman has taken me to places I never thought I'd see and put me in
situations I could never have imagined. It's exciting to anticipate the next adventure."