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Camera Package

Panasonic Varicam High Definition
Sony D50 and D30 cameras with BetacamSP or DVCAM
Aaton Super 16mm film camera
Sachtler 3 stage carbon fiber tripods
Fujinon 7.8 x 17 IF broadcast lens w/doubler
Fujinon 7 x 7 broadcast wide angle lens
Remote zoom control w/speed dial
Chroziel matte box w/ large filter package
Sony 8” monitor
Frezzi dimmable camera light

Audio Package

Sound Devices stereo mixer
Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone with VDB carbon fiber pole
Lectrosonics wireless microphones with tram lavalieres
Tram hard-line lavalieres
Electrovoice RE 50 hand-held microphones
Audio Cassette recorder for transcription
Motorola radios

Lighting Package

HMI: (2) Arri 1200w par (2) Kobold 400w par all W/Soft Boxes
Mole Richardson Fresnels: (2) 1000w (2) 200w
Arri Fresnels: (3) 600w (2) 350w (1) 150w
Lowell open face (3) 1000w DP (3) 1000w Tota (3) 600w Omni (2)250w
Ellipsoid / Projection (3) 1000w (2) 500w WITH MANY PATTERNS
Videssence Fluorescent (1) 220w dimable
Soft Boxes (2) Large (1) Medium (3) small
Dimmers (5) 1000w (3) 300w

Grip Package

(8) C-Stands with flags, nets, silks and sand bags
(2) shinny boards
(1) 6x6 silk
(1) 4x4 silk
Black and grey background
Magliner senior cart with shelf

Additional Equipment

Jib with 5' arm (allows for a 10' move)
Glidecam V-20 for Cameras up to 20 Lbs. (Steadicam style system)
Panasonic PV-DV1000 3 chip mini DV camcorder
Gates underwater housing for Panasonic PV-DV1000
Bolex 16mm camera
16mm to video transfer system
Sony XC-999 cigar camera with DV recorder
Final Cut Pro and Media 100 non-linear edit systems w/ DVD Burner.